We design and develop innovative technical packs adapted for urban lifestyles.
We utilize advanced construction techniques and materials to create premium performance packs perfect for everyday, that are durable and made to last.
The functional and aesthetic design makes Wexley Packs look and feel, like no other pack you’ve ever owned.

Now available in X-Pac® X50 Tactical


Back in 1995, Wexley’s founder, Serge Entstrasser from Paris, created Covertec Brand who designed the first cases for a new device called a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). For the next 20 years, he developed in collaboration with his team accessories for the Smartphone, iPhone, and other Devices.

Living in Hong Kong for many years, he and a small team launched a new range of Bags in 2017, utilizing techniques at the intersection of Technical Pack Design and Urban Lifestyle.

Today, after the brand's successful launch in the Japanese market, Wexley is opening its first US based office in Los Angeles, CA.